Have there been moments over the years when you wanted to throw your old routine out the window and start over, devoting more time to your own interests and what you really want out of life?

Just imagine – after decades devoting yourself to work and family, day in and day out – finally being able to dedicate your time to yourself and the people you love, to interests that in the past you had to put on hold and other, new passions, all the while surrounded by family and new friends ?

TRISKEL RESORT is designed for those who dream of dedicating their time and energy to being well, living an active, healthy lifestyle, in communion with nature. It offers a new way of living that embodies what scientific research tells us about life quality: 20% is down to chance, 30% depends on our genes, which is to say, what we inherit from our parents, but the remaining 50% depends on us, and our lifestyle.