Three generations brought together by inseparable bonds: children, parents and grandparents, each able to pursue their own particular areas of interest, to the benefit of everybody’s happiness and wellbeing.

- Self-sufficient individuals seeking a care-free lifestyle in a pleasant setting, surrounded by friends, with food and entertainment available – the latter involving them in playful, cultural, physical and cerebral activities – supported by courteous, friendly and qualified staff, and kept safe by constant monitoring of health indicators using strictly non-intrusive sensors.
- Individuals (young and old alike) who have undergone operations and who wish to recover in an environment in which, for all that it is as well-equipped as a medical clinic, they feel like they are on holiday.
- Young people recovering from physical trauma.
- Sportspersons, both those in training and those who are focusing on developing or correcting specific physical traits.
- Families who want to enjoy a holiday close to a loved one who is staying at the resort.
- Individuals who want to recharge their energies in a relaxing, sporting or meditative environment.
- Those who want to organise meetings, presentations, retreats, events and ceremonies.
- Groups looking for a meal or party venue to mark a special occasion.

Opportunities for bringing together people of all ages are a key focus of our efforts to guarantee entertainment and involvement of elderly residents.