To create a resort that has been carefully and meticulously designed to offer the ideal short holiday or residential experience to individuals who love life and understand the importance of nature, of aesthetics, of culture, good food, music, sport and exercise, of spending time with other people, of having fun, relaxing and socialising. And to breathe life into this resort by filling it with children, parents and older generations spending time together and enjoying a lifestyle devoted to living well in contact with nature, active, healthy, carefree and, above all, happy.

To fill almost a third of it with spaces – indoors and outdoors – where individuals will be encouraged to take part in group activities and interact socially, places where guests will find harmony, serenity, happiness, enjoying healthy dining options designed to cater for specific dietary requirements, but still be full of flavour.

Tastefully decorated and furnished spaces that offer maximum comfort and the right mix of privacy and social interaction.

A place where you will find the support you need, people who will listen, take your concerns and commitments on board and make them their own, freeing up your energy for what really interests you.

A place that offers a choice of stimulating activities, to engage the mind and the body, and satisfy your appetite for exploring and seeing new places.

A place equipped with exhaustive, but discreet monitoring systems – telemedicine, remote assistance – to follow guests’ progress and their health, replacing the ritual of check-ups with a system of alerts that indicate when a more thorough on-site assessment is required – another way to free up your time and energy and help you live a more dynamic lifestyle.

The resort has 30 highly motivated members of staff, supporting 180 guests.

The TRISKEL RESORT will also benefit and bring added value to the surrounding area, establishing agreements with selected local, organic producers for the supply of food produce, and giving rise to business initiatives large and small catering for various necessities and desires of its Guests. These enterprises will cover a number of sectors, with products carefully designed to be comfortable, ergonomic, and practical, from furniture and homewares, electronics and smart-home technologies to clothing and footwear. A world of products to improve life quality for retirees.

The philosophy that lies behind the TRISKEL RESORT marries a number of closely related elements, recasting them according to ancient Celtic tradition, from which it borrows the word triskel and its various meanings: 

- The three components of man: spirit, soul, body
- The three ages of man: childhood, adulthood, old age
- The three faces of time: past, present, future
- The three phases of the sun: dawn, midday, sunset

- The three elements of the world: earth, water, air

It is clear how the happy coexistence of these triads can encourage the attainment of psychophysical well-being. 



  • Spa and health club
  • Physiotherapy
  • Gym
  • Yoga, Tai chi, Pilates
  • Sports courts and pitches: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Squash
  • Dance lessons for couples and groups
  • Dance evenings and parties
  • Theatre, music, painting, cookery, garden and photography courses
  • Music therapy
  • Light therapy
  • Farm and animal-themed activities
  • Pet therapy and Healing Horses
  • Activities in the nursery and the orchard
  • Outdoor play activities for young and old alike, led by specialist staff
  • Cookery workshops
  • Competitions, tournaments and treasure hunts
  • Guided tours of the area’s historic towns and villages
  • Shows and traditional food festivals


  • Games room
  • Mini-cinema
  • Competitions and treasure hunts
  • Babysitting service by arrangement
  • Games in the pool
  • Games in the orchard
  • Games with the animals at the farm
  • Pony-trekking
  • Children’s crafts
  • Children’s cookery classes
  • Children’s theatre
  • Play-dance courses
  • Face-painting
  • Italian courses
  • English courses
  • Presentations and workshops on a variety of subjects
  • Lessons and training in various sporting activities
  • Posture analysis 


  • Tournaments
  • Tennis, football and basketball masterclasses with expert coaches
  • Training sessions with instructors
  • Tailored and rehabilitative physiotherapy
  • Fitness training
  • Archery



Meet Trisky, a friend and playmate for all of the children who come to the Triskel Resort.

Trisky will lead our younger guests through all of the many activities taking place around the grounds of the resort outdoors and in the dedicated children’s areas.